Spinach Dip

Picture of Spinach Dip
Spinach dips are extremely yummy and very easy to make!  This is a great appetizer/snack for dinners and parties.

Preparation time is around 10-15 mins (depending on your chopping skills!)
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
250ml Mayonnaise

250ml Sour Cream - This package is 250ml so I dumped the whole thing in.  If you want the dip to be less sour, you can put less.

1 can of water chestnuts - This can is around 227ml.  Choose cans that are sliced and not whole chestnuts as it will make your life much easier later when you dice all the ingredients.

1 pack of frozen spinach - I bought frozen ones because they are chopped and I won't need to boil them, saved me much time.  You can buy fresh spinach as well, however you would have to boil it, drain and then dice.

Few shrimps - Yes I agree it sounds weird to put shrimps... but it adds flavor to the dip!  However, you won't be able to taste the shrimp.  You can use either fresh or frozen (like what I am using here) shrimps.

Step 2: Defrost and dice spinach

Picture of Defrost and dice spinach
Defrost the spinach in a strainer.  Squeeze as much water out as possible.  Once you think its dry enough, chop it up.  I like my dip to be smoother so I usually dice the ingredients into small pieces.

Step 3: Dice shrimps

Picture of Dice shrimps
If you bought fresh shrimp, cook it first.  If you bought frozen shrimp like me, defrost it first.  Dice it up like spinach.

Step 4: Dice water chestnuts

Picture of Dice water chestnuts
You can also buy fresh water chestnuts, but these canned ones are waaaayyy easier since its cooked and soft.  These ones are very easy to dice.

Step 5: Mix them all together!

Picture of Mix them all together!
Put all diced ingredients into a large bowl and mix!

Step 6: DONE!

Picture of DONE!
Now you are done!  Wasn't that simple? Now you can enjoy your food with some nacho chips or bread!
JustBlend2 years ago
That looks so good *_____*

thanks!! :)