Spinach Split Snack





Introduction: Spinach Split Snack

I have made these delicious spinach split snacks with two different fillings.They are with spinach and some with Tomatoes.It's the same ingredients and same way to do both.This is one my favourite lunch time snack which I grab from the next door bakery.He makes huge ones with feta cheese.But I did not want to add cheese because...... after getting to know ible I am making too much yummy food which is making me and my husband fatter and fatter.
This is really so  delicious to have it hot hot straight away from the oven.

Step 1: Ingredients

What you need

250-350  gr fresh spinach
1 pkt Puff pastry -(270 gr)
3/4 tea spoon Indian  garam masala
Sesame seeds
 Salt to taste
1 tbl spoon Paprika or chillie powder -
2  medium size onion
1 egg -not in pic
little bit oil - to temper

3  tomatoes. -this is for tomato filling

Step 2: Grind

Cut away the thick  stems from the spinach.Cut the onions and tomatoes in to pieces
Grind the onions,tomatoes and the spinach seperately in the grinder.Onions should be grinded into very  tiny pieces(do not grind to a paste)you can grind the spinach also into very very tiny pieces.(really tiny ).When you grind the tomatoes it becomes watery.No fuss ...when your cooking you can make it thicker.

Step 3: Cook Filling

Heat a little bit oil,and temper the onions.when this is cooking add the spinach and cook a few minutes.Then add all the other ingredients and salt to taste.Do not over cook the spinach or cover when cooking.it doesn't take long to cook this.
The same way cook the tomatoes in another pot with the same ingredients.Tomatoes has to be cooked until it becomes thick.Do not cover while cooking.

** Out of the 2 onions use one each for spinach and tomato filling**

Step 4: Flour and Cut Puff Pastry

Flour your work surface.Once your puff pastry is thawed unroll ,use your rolling pin to enlarge, roll out and cut to the desired size you want.There is no specific size.I  have cut them into different sizes.Square or tectangle,all sizes are yummy.Place the spinach or the tomatoes paste in the middle.Don't be stingy,keep alot it tastes good..On both sides cut equally 1/2 to 3/4 inches strips and cover the filling by doing one side first then the other side over it..Please see the images,you will understand better than reading this.

Step 5: Glaze and Stick Sesame

Beat an egg,apply on top,and throw some sesame seeds over it.

Step 6: Bake & Enjoy

Bake at  180°C / 350° F for about 20 minutes until golden brown.



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    owww, these look sooooo yummilicious! definitely going to try it next week :)

    1 reply

    Welcome dear...if you make upload a picture..

    This looks delicious, but how would you do it with cheese?

    1 reply

    Grate the cheese on to the rolled puff pastry where you lay the filling.

    so yummy they are!but I forgot and 2 spoons of chilly powder and it tasted sooo good!:-D

    1 reply

    If you like hot ,then no fuss.I also put extra chilly powder because i love to eat spicy hot.Please upload a picture if you have.

    looks wonderful!

    Yes it is.Thank you

    lovely little bites...can this be made with any filling?

    1 reply

    The original recipe has these two fillings.I have no idea how it would be with other filling.If you want I can upload a picture I took from the bakery.

    Looks so yummy and easy to make.Thank you for sharing :)

    1 reply