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Introduction: Spindicator Clone

About: http://diy.viktak.com

Some time ago I came across a website where I saw a novel way of showing the disk activity of a computer. I liked the idea very much and decided to make one on my own. Since the working of the circuit is explained in detail and very well on the original web site, in this entry I focus on the implementation.
A video of the working gadget can be found here.
For full details and instructions on how I made it please see the project's own page: http://diy.viktak.com/2011/02/spindicator-clone.html



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    It's time to edit the article if the link to a video is to one that has been removed.

    1 reply

    @CurtR: Yes, you're totally right - I fixed.

    Sorry about the dealy - for some reason I don't get ANY kind of notification e-mails from Instructables, so I didn't know there was a problem.