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This was a piece I did while in school at the Academy of art. I wanted to create a piece that used straight lines on an algorithm that would look organic. I used inspiration from the spines of deep sea creatures for the overall form.

Step 1: Concept Drawings

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I started with concept sketches (as i always do) keeping it more or less math based while playing with natural curves.

Step 2: Small Scale

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Sometime it really pays off to build a small scale version. In this case i wanted to see if the structure itself would be able to stand up straight and not simply fall over on its points. (it barely held and i had to do some serious adjusting!)

Step 3:

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I lazer cut a jig to match the flow of the top sections and then build a large box so that each triangle would be the same height while adjusting its angles.

Step 4: Presentation

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It came out pretty nice. I'll be honest it was a little wobbly but I learned a lot by working on it.

Step 5: The Final Piece

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After it was displayed at the spring show at the Academy of Art, we couldn't figure out what to do with it. While a fun piece to work on it wasn't the kind of thing that could easily find a home.

My artist friends and I ended up having a small party in the middle of a vacant, opened up a bottle of wine and said good by to it.

I don't regret leaving it. It was a great piece and Im still proud of it but, I think more valuable than the piece itself was exploring the possibilities of that from.


haltenfelder (author)2016-01-21

Very cool Design, but I think all the time there's something missing... like LEDs and mirrors? Or tape the inside with some black material, so there is a bigger contrast to the wood?
Don't get me wrong please this work is awesome, but I see there 2 "materials": wood and air. Maybe a third element would make the dot on the i☺

Thanks, and i totally agree. there could be some kind of lighting element. Something playing around with the negative space.

Debbi Doodles (author)2016-01-22

Just blown away ! Amazingly beautiful and I would have bought one in a heartbeat ! Keep that amazing mind going and never stop !! ? ?

haltenfelder (author)2016-01-21

PS: What a pity that it is gone now, would have loved to get my hands on this.

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