I race on an Express 37 in San Francisco Bay.

These are unique boats designed and built in Santa Cruz, California in 1984 and in 1985 won 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the Transpac Race.

We race them in a one design fleet on the Bay where one mistake can cost a race.

The boats are over 30 years old and some of the parts are hard to find or non existent.

In our case the inserts for the spinnaker pole no longer existed and our track slider was an early version that was not compatible with the modern off the shelf track sliders.

The pole is used as an extension of the boat, and anchors (tacks) the windward clew of the spinnaker, where as the leeward clew is controlled by the sheet and used for trimming.

The outboard end of the pole attached to the sail is moved depending on the point of sail and wind dynamics. This puts a very large load on the mast end of the pole.

The mast end of the pole is articulated vertically along the pole track.

The part that I will be showing you how to make is the sliding bearing section of the pole track slider car.


Step 1: Measure Current Solutions

The Captain, Bartz came to Pier 9 and dropped off two samples of the insert that doesnt fit in our car but is in production, and another black molded plastic insert that had flanges on both ends but was at least an inch or more short in length. The result was non of these sliders worked for our track car.

The first task is to measure and CAD up the to be slider.

A - wall thickness side a

B - wall thickness side b

C - part height

D - channel depth

E - part width

L- part length

The white plastic:






L- over 6 inches ,153mm estimate.

Molded black plastic:






L-102.3mm 4.029"

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