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Step 1: Spinning Guitar Spinner - Part 2

Part 2 - Complete instructions

Step 2:

<p>Ensure there's enough wood to drill a hole at your balance point, and don't drill into any electronic parts.</p><p><br>Ensure the spindle is TUCKED SECURELY into your belt before spinning. I have dropped mine by missing this important detail. Otherwise, I have used this on stages for hours, and it works well.<br><br>Always ensure you have the room to safely spin your guitar.<br><br>Ensure that your own body is also clear of the guitar. <br><br>It helps to empty your pockets too.<br><br>Enjoy. <br><br>(Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you or your stuff at all.)</p>

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Bio: Devout Christian, Loving & Devoted Husband and Father, Mediocre guitar player.
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