With three layers of materials and a little thinking you can create a spinning wheel card that fits almost any need. I wanted a unique way to describe what I do for my business card, but quickly realized I could use the same format to create a fun and interesting card to describe my amazing mother!

For a head-start, I've included the Adobe Illustrator file, but any vector drawing program has what you need to create this project to your own specifications.

The materials shown include a 2mm single-ply bamboo and a slightly thinner press board. 2mm is the upper limit on thickness in my opinion, but much thinner and it begins to feel fragile. Obviously with modifications it could be made out of many different materials. It could also be made using less "high tech" methods.

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Step 1: Creating the Artwork

If you have Adobe Illustrator, the file attached will give you a head start on your own creation. I start by creating a rectangle the the size I want-in this case 2" x 3.5" for a business card. Then I design the top layer. I Add each layer's elements on one at a time until I have an image that looks like the one above.

<p>So I thought I could be cheap and quick by making this out of foamcore. I still glued it together using Gorilla Glue.</p><p>Suffice to say it didn't come out looking and working the best but my mom absolutely loves any handmade gift so the quality didn't matter at all. These are the (obvious) lessons I learned:</p><p>- Yeah, the wheel shouldn't be be foamcore as well since it's the same thickness as the cover and bottom making it hard to spin. I'd probably use a cardboard sheet for the wheel since that would be thinner.</p><p>- I couldn't find my exacto knife so I used scissors to cut the foamcore. If you got the time use an exacto knife. Actually, if you want to save time use an exacto knife.</p>
<p>It also comes out looking like a brick so you could scale the whole thing up a bit to make a bigger card. :P</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing! I'm stoked you tried it!</p>
Hi, very nice idea. Which type of laser cutter do you use?
<p>Consider voting for this design above! The design is so easy to modify we've used it in several applications already, including as a gift, an award and as a business card!</p>
<p>This is adorable! Very tempted to make one for mom. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Thank you! You can do so much with the idea once you start thinking this way. </p>

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