Introduction: Spinningball (fablab) and Stuff That You Need

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We got a school project to make something. I wanted to make a ball that was spinning with light inside. I made a drawing in tinkercad. I used a 3d printer to print it out.

Stuff that you need:

Wood for the lasercutter. (and a lasercutter)
A 3D printer.

A motor ( I used a stepper motor so you need an arduino too and a special chip for it.)

And some wires.

Step 1: Electronic Circuit

Picture of Electronic Circuit

This is how I made the electronic circuit. I used a steppermotor (this is what I used for my steppermotor You can use every motor you like, if it's strong enough.

The circuit I got it from so check this page.
And the code I got it from him too.

Here is the code: (I uploaded the file too here it's called met_led.ino but in that one you can use pin 7 for a LED.)

BYJ48 Stepper motor code Connect : IN1 >> D8 IN2 >> D9 IN3 >> D10 IN4 >> D11 VCC ... 5V Prefer to use external 5V Source Gnd written By :Mohannad Rawashdeh 28/9/2013 */

#define IN1 8 #define IN2 9 #define IN3 10 #define IN4 11 int Steps = 0; boolean Direction = true;// gre unsigned long last_time; unsigned long currentMillis ; int steps_left=4095; long time; void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); pinMode(IN1, OUTPUT); pinMode(IN2, OUTPUT); pinMode(IN3, OUTPUT); pinMode(IN4, OUTPUT); // delay(1000);

} void loop() { while(steps_left>0){ currentMillis = micros(); if(currentMillis-last_time>=1000){ stepper(1); time=time+micros()-last_time; last_time=micros(); steps_left--; } } Serial.println(time); Serial.println("Wait...!"); delay(2000); Direction=!Direction; steps_left=4095; }

void stepper(int xw){ for (int x=0;x7){Steps=0;} if(Steps<0){Steps=7; } }

Step 2: The Ball

Picture of The Ball

I just 3D printed a small ball with a flat bottom.

Step 3: The Case

Picture of The Case

I used a lasercutter to cut out the case (used this site It was easy to use you can make the case how you liked, but pat a hole in the top and have enough space inside. I have als a hole on the side for the adapter in my arduino. I didn't glued one side so I can put the hardware in it and change it later. I uploaded a picture how it should look like and one with a hole the holes are 12.7 mm in diameter. I prefer the one with holes so you don't have to make the holes by yourself.

Step 4: Final Step

Picture of Final Step

Put everything inside the motor in the top hol. You can change it how you like it. You can put lights in it you don't have to use a ball as top you can use a plate to put everything on it what you want. I have some lights inside it so I can see when it's on.

EDIT: I added a cardboard plate instead of glueing the ball on the motor, so I can switch between objects.


jensvw (author)2017-02-07

Nice man!

vanDrielElectric (author)2017-01-24

I see you got featured as well. very fun design!

Thx man, I don't know how I got featured... xD

also from HRO

lamasL314 (author)2017-01-24

this is probably the most complicated way possible to make a spinning ball with a light

Idan Warth (author)lamasL3142017-01-24

Yeah, probably it's.

Swansong (author)2017-01-24

Looks good! Thanks for sharing :)

Idan Warth (author)Swansong2017-01-24


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