Step 4: Let's Get Physical

    While all this talk of designing a table using a computer and mathematics is fine and dandy, I feel as though actual proof is required to show if a design is up to snuff.

From start-to-finish, this project should take around 1.5 days or a weekend. It can be a one person project, but friends to help are always nice! Here is a list of Everything needed to make the table.

Required Tools:
-Table Saw
-Jig Saw
-Drill (with a bit large enough to fit the jig-saw blade through, your judgement, I used 3/16 in bit)
-Sandpaper- rough (75) to fine-(300) grits

Required Materials:
- 36" x ~18" x 1" sheet of the wood of your choice (preferably hardwood)  for the arms.
-18" x 18" x 1"  sheet of wood the base
- 20" x 20"  sheet of the material that will be the top surface
- 1 bottle of Wood Glue or equivalent adhesive
- Tape (scotch, electric)
- Scrap wood pieces

- 1 can of Spray Paint, Stain or Clear-coat
- Rubber mallet
- Willing friend to help
-  Any Heavy weighted object (ie. bricks, textbooks, "willing" house-cat (not really))
- Glass would be the best material for the top of the table, but as a student, I'm on a limited budget so wood was my choice.

Helpful Tip:
Before heading out to the workshop or garage, print off the Tooling and Tooling_Continued PDF documents from the previous step and take them with you to save trips.