Step 4: Let's Get Physical

    While all this talk of designing a table using a computer and mathematics is fine and dandy, I feel as though actual proof is required to show if a design is up to snuff.

From start-to-finish, this project should take around 1.5 days or a weekend. It can be a one person project, but friends to help are always nice! Here is a list of Everything needed to make the table.

Required Tools:
-Table Saw
-Jig Saw
-Drill (with a bit large enough to fit the jig-saw blade through, your judgement, I used 3/16 in bit)
-Sandpaper- rough (75) to fine-(300) grits

Required Materials:
- 36" x ~18" x 1" sheet of the wood of your choice (preferably hardwood)  for the arms.
-18" x 18" x 1"  sheet of wood the base
- 20" x 20"  sheet of the material that will be the top surface
- 1 bottle of Wood Glue or equivalent adhesive
- Tape (scotch, electric)
- Scrap wood pieces

- 1 can of Spray Paint, Stain or Clear-coat
- Rubber mallet
- Willing friend to help
-  Any Heavy weighted object (ie. bricks, textbooks, "willing" house-cat (not really))
- Glass would be the best material for the top of the table, but as a student, I'm on a limited budget so wood was my choice.

Helpful Tip:
Before heading out to the workshop or garage, print off the Tooling and Tooling_Continued PDF documents from the previous step and take them with you to save trips.
Can you safely put any weight on this table?
Yes, each leg gets its strengthened from the rest of the group. It would be significantly weaker if one or more of the legs was missing. Earlier, I tested the strengths of the glued joints, The pine failed at ~90 ft-lbs of torque (45 lbf @ 2 ft from the joint). If you were to use a Hardwood ,the failure stress should be at least 5 times that of pine. <br><br>I also stacked 75 lb on the stand, and it held fine. As for any more weight than that, it would probably depend on your choice of wood. I didn't design the table to be a stool anyways.<br><br>Hopefully this answer is satisfactory on how much weight you can put on the table.
Nice instructable! I'd LOVE to try this soon!
Great! I would LOVE to hear how it goes.

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