Step 5: First Base

Picture of First Base
2012-03-17 13.48.02.jpg
2012-03-17 13.59.19.jpg
2012-03-17 14.13.01.jpg
2012-03-17 14.18.58.jpg
First,  let's start with the base tooling of the table. I used pine, this is definitely not the suitable wood for quality furniture, but resources are limited in college. Pine shows also that the table can still be created and sturdy, even with the inferior wood. Anyone who has the laser cutter and is using the DXF can ignore this step and move on.
Time: 20-40 min

1)  On the ~18" x 18" sheet, find and mark the center in both directions.
2)  Cut out the radial lines of the Tooling_Continued.PDF.
        a) Poke a small hole in the center of the radial lines.
        b) Align the center of the tooling to the mark on the wood.
        c) Tape down the cut-out.

3)  (15x) Extend the radial lines out to the edges of the sheet using a straightedge or ruler. Picture 2
4)  (15x) With the ruler, make a mark 7.5 in from the center of the radial spacing tooling.
5) Cut out the radial line tooling from the Tooling.PDF.
Cut close to the angled slot graphic Picture 3
        a) Extend the radial line on the cut-out to the end of the slot graphic. Picture 3
        b) Poke a hole in the .25 in from the back of the tooling, along the radial line. Picture 3
        c) (15x) Align the hole on the radial line tooling and trace the outline of the slot graphic. Picture 4

 6) (15x) Drill holes at the marked locations with the bit (drill a pilot hole if necessary). Picture 5

Next comes all of the cutting/sawing in the project. Stopping at this point for now and cutting everything at once should minimize the amount of clean-up required.