Picture of Spiral Cot Toy
We saw these in the shops made me want one for Devon but looking I felt that they either a hideous colour scheme with nice hanging things or nice colours but odd looking hanging things and ends. The worst one I saw looked like two teddys had been decapitated and there heads then rammed on each end, It looked wrong to say the least. I found my self  mentally swapping bits from one toy to the next, Until the words "I can make one" cropped into my head.
Unfortunately my daughter is a lot older now and although she still likes it she doesn't really need it as it is for babies but with moving house and one thing and another I only just finished it, This instructable has been in the makeing for nearly a year, I hope that some ones little one can get the enjoyment out of it that my baby missed :(

Working out a way of doing it with what materials I have already got was easy enough, Tho constructing it was a bit fiddly at times.

The only stitches you will need are Back Stitch and Over Stitch.

Materials and Tools you Will Need
  • A Piece of Card (For the Template I used the Back of a cereal packet)
  • A compass (or Objects to draw round one approximately 14 cm in Diameter and one approximately 5.5 cm in diameter)
  • Some Fabric (at least 10 pieces a bit bigger than your template I few of Mine were bought as quilting squares)
  • Some Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Cotton
  • Fabric Pencil
  • Pins + Safety pins
  • Embroidery cotton or Top Stitch various colours (thicker cotton for over stitching the seams)
  • Stuffing
  • Hooks (Toy Plastic S Hooks / Toy Linking rings) optional
For the hanging bits, you can use toys you have with hooks already attached or toys that can be put onto hooks, this is what I did, but to start with I was going to make toys to hang off it
I was going to do this with fabric with animals on cutting out the animals loosely, stitching around the outline face down onto a coloured piece of fabric and stitching a loop between the layers as I have with the ribbon on the spiral links and then turn inside out and stuff.

Nice project and I love the fabrics you used, especially the one with mushrooms and the fish.
Very cute idea!