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The only problem is spiral potatoes that they are only sold at fairs and carnivals around here. Instead of waiting for the next fair, I decided to make my own spiral cutting machine. With the help of your drill, you too can have your own spiral cut potatoes.

I made this out of junk pieces of wood someone threw away.

.I made this for the Power Tools contest, If you enjoy it Please vote!

Step 1: Supplies

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You Will Need


Wooden Skewer

3 Pieces of Wood (any size will do, Just make sure they match in height when you setup the wood)



Step 2: Construct

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  1. Attach two of the pieces at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Cut Dowel in half
  3. Glue Dowel to piece of wood(Not the base)
  4. (Not Shown) On the other piece of wood, drill two holes so the dowel fits and slides in between
  5. On the piece of wood the dowels are on, put a blade on the top. Be careful. For best results slightly angle the blade

Cool! Your done with construction

Step 3: Check

Picture of Check

Check to see if what you have matches mine. Notice the piece of wood with the two holes for the dowels is in this picture ( Sorry for not putting a picture in the last step)

Step 4: Rest for Drill

Picture of Rest for Drill

Sand out a ditch to make a rest for your drill. Simple Enough.

Step 5: Impale the Potato

Picture of Impale the Potato

Stick the Skewer into the potato and put the skewer into the drill as if it was a drill bit.

Step 6: Cut the Potato

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To cut a spiral potatoe

  1. Rest your potao drill on the rest
  2. Turn the drill slightly to avoid the dowels
  3. Press the wood/drill/potato closer to the blade
  4. As you push the drill and wood the potato will be cut on the blade


  • Use equal force
  • Slower Pushing makes thin cuts
  • Fast Pushing makes thicker cuts
  • You might want to peel the potato before you cut it

Step 7: Peel Apart

Picture of Peel Apart

Peel part the spirals. Be careful, if you are not gentle your potato might break.

Step 8: Cook and Eat

To cook simply deep fry as you would deep fry normal french fries. Next salt and season according to taste. Now you can finally eat your spiral cut potato without waiting for a fair or festival.

Hopefully someone will help with the Potatoes Potato's issue... :)

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Sigfodr (author)2014-04-08

Potatoes is the plural of potato. Potato's would describe a thing that belongs to a potato.

Omnicomponent (author)Sigfodr2014-04-09

Sigfodr is not even a word.

Sigfodr (author)Omnicomponent2014-04-09

No, it isn't, it's a name. It's old Norse and means father of victory.

General Zod (author)Sigfodr2014-04-10

What does the suffix -nir mean in the Norse language? I have seen it in many Norse words in mythology (i.e. Sleipnir, Mjolnir, etc.) but I don't know it's significance.

Constructed (author)Sigfodr2014-04-09

You are the greatest person on this planet.....

belpeor (author)Constructed2014-04-09

I concur.

Dansanll (author)2014-05-13

This is pretty inventive. As for Potatoes, Potato's or Taters I believe anyone would understand and if they do not, they do not deserve some fine deep fried spiral cut taters! Just loving life and thankful to be above ground.

Constructed (author)Dansanll2014-05-13

Agreed, Thank you.

AllendaleGreen (author)2014-04-14

Re: the people who comment on the "Potatoes Potato's issue" - I think there just trying to impress you with they're grammatical sensibilities but it is neither here nor their!

vincent7520 (author)2014-04-14

That is creative peeling … or I don't know what is !!!…

trogabird (author)2014-04-13

Potato's is possessive: the potato owns what is talked about: A basket to keep potatoes in. The basket belongs to the potato. Potatoes is plural: more than one.

Constructed (author)trogabird2014-04-13

You too are the greatest person on this planet....

Donnage61 (author)2014-04-10


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