The only problem is spiral potatoes that they are only sold at fairs and carnivals around here. Instead of waiting for the next fair, I decided to make my own spiral cutting machine. With the help of your drill, you too can have your own spiral cut potatoes.

I made this out of junk pieces of wood someone threw away.

.I made this for the Power Tools contest, If you enjoy it Please vote!

Step 1: Supplies

You Will Need


Wooden Skewer

3 Pieces of Wood (any size will do, Just make sure they match in height when you setup the wood)



<p>Potatoes is the plural of potato. Potato's would describe a thing that belongs to a potato.</p>
Sigfodr is not even a word.
<p>No, it isn't, it's a name. It's old Norse and means father of victory.</p>
<p>What does the suffix -nir mean in the Norse language? I have seen it in many Norse words in mythology (i.e. Sleipnir, Mjolnir, etc.) but I don't know it's significance.</p>
<p>You are the greatest person on this planet.....</p>
I concur.
<p>This is pretty inventive. As for Potatoes, Potato's or Taters I believe anyone would understand and if they do not, they do not deserve some fine deep fried spiral cut taters! Just loving life and thankful to be above ground.</p>
<p>Agreed, Thank you.</p>
<p>Re: the people who comment on the &quot;Potatoes Potato's issue&quot; - I think there just trying to impress you with they're grammatical sensibilities but it is neither here nor their!</p>
<p>That is creative peeling &hellip; or I don't know what is !!!&hellip;</p>
<p>Potato's is possessive: the potato owns what is talked about: A basket to keep potatoes in. The basket belongs to the potato. Potatoes is plural: more than one.</p>
<p>You too are the greatest person on this planet....</p>
<p>Agreed </p>

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