Spiral Dogs in a Blanket


Introduction: Spiral Dogs in a Blanket

A new twist. Arrgh... I swore I wasn't gonna say that.

Having previously mastered the art of spiral cutting a hot dog, and being desirous of some pigs in a blanket, I made these goofy things. 

Spiral cut some dogs - (link) https://www.instructables.com/id/Spiral-Cut-Hot-Dogs/
Boil 'em, and cool 'em down. I started to wrap one "raw", but it seemed a little greasy, so I boiled my dogs 'till they floated, plus a minute, then cooled them on a paper towel. Not so greasy now, are ya?

Cut some crescent roll into strips. I think any biscuit dough would work, just might have to fuss with it more.
Carefully spiral the uncooked crescent roll dough into the cooked and cooled spiral dog.

Bake as directed, 11 - 13 minutes 'till golden. Mmmm...



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    easy peasy and made me laugh :). thanks


    Mmmmm! Looks SO yummy! WOW! Pigs in a tangled blanket.

    Nice. Instead of the crescent roll dough, you could use bread stick dough. No cutting then.

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    bread and hot dogs! pork and beans! pork and beans!