Picture of Spiral Paracord Lanyard
Here is a cool keychain style, which can be used as a bracelet also Here I have made one in blue and the other one in green. Please comment on it, and any tips, problems, or thumbs ups are welcome with open arms.
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Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

Picture of Stuff You'll Need
So the stuff you'll need are:-
        1) A 4 feet of paracord
        2) A Keyring and a snap hook (the snap hook is optional)
        3)Any accessory like a bead, designed button, etc.

Step 2: Getting ready to start tying the knot

Picture of Getting ready to start tying the knot
This knot has the same basic idea as the Cobra knot, except, in the cobra knot, you tie it WHILE alternating the sides. But here, you do the knot all on the same side. But since some of you don't know how to do it, here I am.
    Find the middle of the cord. Hold on to it. Take the desired length of the keychain and mark it with the keyring, IF you want to attach it on this end. If you want to attach it on the other side, then mark the length with a twist tie or rubber band. If you are using a snap hook, you can use it instead of the twist tie to mark the length.
qeppetto4 months ago
I don't think that's paracord
workenman1 year ago
The cordage in the photos are not paracord it looks like some kind of cheap nylon rope
Lethrwolf2 years ago
This knot is called a 'HALF HITCH', used in MACRAME.
Nice ibles.
nrenfroe3 years ago
its a pretty awesome knot
nrenfroe3 years ago
I made this type of paracord lanyard/bracelet