Here is a cool keychain style, which can be used as a bracelet also Here I have made one in blue and the other one in green. Please comment on it, and any tips, problems, or thumbs ups are welcome with open arms.

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

So the stuff you'll need are:-
        1) A 4 feet of paracord
        2) A Keyring and a snap hook (the snap hook is optional)
        3)Any accessory like a bead, designed button, etc.
I don't think that's paracord
The cordage in the photos are not paracord it looks like some kind of cheap nylon rope
This knot is called a 'HALF HITCH', used in MACRAME. <br>Nice ibles.
its a pretty awesome knot<br>
I made this type of paracord lanyard/bracelet<br>

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