Picture of Spiral galaxy rings
Schermafbeelding 2014-05-24 om 10.27.32.png
First of all, you might think the title is a bit weird. I'm going to explain it in the last step :)
Second of all, the person who designed this ring, is this amazing Etsy shop owner called theWRAPstar:
The ring
The shop
I love all the beautiful wire and bead stuff you can find in that shop, but when I saw this ring I had to try to make it. The ring with the light blue beads was my first try, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Of course, when two people make the same ring, they end up with two different rings. I think the original ring has a bit more of a round, higher look, where mine is shaped a bit more oval, but I like that. It just makes everything handmade unique. The instructable will show you the steps I took to make this ring. I hope you like it!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make this ring, you will need the following:

- wire
- flat nose pliers
- cutting pliers
- 2 coloured beads
- 2 metal beads
- round object to wrap your ring around

Step 2: Cut a piece of wire

Picture of Cut a piece of wire
Take your wire and use the cutting pliers to cut off two pieces of wire with a length of about 20 centimeter. I used most of it, just a few centimeter had to be cut off in the end.

Step 3: Wrap!

Picture of Wrap!
Make sure the two pieces of wire are straight next to each other. When they come across each other on the other side, wrap one side around the other. When you've done that, wrap the other side also.  Continue wrapping them for about  half a circle (just a bit more) to create a circle.

Step 4: The beads

Let the top two wired stand apart from each other. Add one of the coloured beads to the bottom wire. Now you can take it off the round object, if you hadn't already done that. Bend the wire down a bit, until the wire is crossing the ring part at a point you could call it straight. Coil the wire around the ring three times. The way I find easiest is to fold the wire in half and put it up through the ring, then back down.
When you are done coiling, cut the remaining wire off. First I cut off a bit away from the ring, then I cut again to stop the wire from sticking out. 
Now take one of your metal beads and add it to the top wire. The following steps are basically the same as with the other bead, the only difference is that I coiled it four times instead of three.

For the wires on the other side, you can do exactly the same.

Step 5: Done! and an explanation of the title

When I was done making this ring, it somehow reminded me of galaxy. I searched google images and found what I was looking for: Barred spiral galaxy.

I hope you liked this instructable, if you have made this ring, I would love to see it!
JenniferC17 made it!1 month ago

I missed a step, the last sentence of step 3 where it said to wrap it again :) But I think it still turned out pretty. Thanks!

This is beautiful! Thank you!
lokaa.loky7 months ago

I really like it

emilyvanleemput (author)  lokaa.loky7 months ago

Thank you!!

I love this! :) You make it looks so doable! I may just have to give some wire rings a go! :)

emilyvanleemput (author)  doodlecraft1 year ago

Thank you!! I'll warn you in advantage - it's quite addicting ; )

dhogue1 year ago
I agree with mole1, these would great as ear cuffs! Wow, you're amazing! I actually like your ring better! Thank you for the instructable!
emilyvanleemput (author)  dhogue1 year ago

Thank you so much!

mole11 year ago
Love the rings! Any chance of your making a similar ible for ear cuffs?
emilyvanleemput (author)  mole11 year ago
Thanks! I actually haven't made ears cuffs before, maybe I'll give it a try!
Shadri1 year ago
This is gorgeous! And the instructions are very detailed. I've never made wire jewelry before, but I just might have to try now...
One question, what type of metal is your wire made of?
emilyvanleemput (author)  Shadri1 year ago
Thank you so much! I'm using silver plated copper wire I think.
You inspired me! In typical DIY fashion, I didn't have quite the same supplies on hand, so I modified the design. I had 16 gauge wire and the beads that would fit it were bigger, which inspired me to change the placement as I constructed it.
emilyvanleemput (author)  loveinamist1 year ago
It's great!
Yolo771 year ago
emilyvanleemput (author)  Yolo771 year ago
vnh19701 year ago
Wow!! That is an *awesome* ring. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. :)
emilyvanleemput (author)  vnh19701 year ago
Thank you!
bgunville1 year ago
Nice work however I like the doily under your rings.
emilyvanleemput (author)  bgunville1 year ago
Thanks, I like it too :)
bpersun1 year ago
This is an awesome ring and you made the instructions easy to follow with the great photos...
What gauge of wire did you use?
emilyvanleemput (author)  bpersun1 year ago
thank you. I used 0.8 mm wire
Trena7651 year ago
I am wanting to try to make this. I have never made jewelry and this looks like something I would like to try. Could you please tell me the type of beads and the sizes you use. As well as to the size of wire. Thanks Trena
emilyvanleemput (author)  Trena7651 year ago
The coloured beads are glass beads of about 4 mm. The metal beads are smaller, I'd say somewhere between 2 and 3 mm. The wire is 0.8 mm.
I SO want to make these. I haven't been making a lot of jewelry lately, but I think now is the time to make something... this!
Those are really pretty. I love the idea of astronomy themed jewellry. Lizzyastro has a broach in the shape of orion, with the key stars picked out in glass of the correct colours...
emilyvanleemput (author)  steveastrouk1 year ago
Thank you!
artfulann1 year ago
Beautiful! Guess I'll have to start using wire to make jewelry again! You inspired me.
emilyvanleemput (author)  artfulann1 year ago
Thank you!
I love it! great work Emily, as always :)
Thank you!
Kiteman1 year ago
Lovely job, as usual!
ynze Kiteman1 year ago
emilyvanleemput (author)  ynze1 year ago
Thank you :D
emilyvanleemput (author)  freetree1231 year ago
Super Cute !! Thank you for sharing.
Thank you!