I made a new cover for a spiral notebook that I have similar to https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Amazing-Twist-Locking-Cardboard-Sketchbook/.  The cover kept slipping between the gap in the spiral when I would open the book so I sewed the gap closed with dental floss.  It has held up very well seeing as it hasn't broken in the 6 months since I first did it.
I love the dental floss solution... oh the hair tearing that would have prevented years ago, had I yer brain!
The cover kept slipping because you've assembled it in wrong order:-) <br>You should put on pages on the spiral first, then front cover and at the end back cover which you twist to the back of the notebook at the end. <br>That's the way these notebooks are originally made:-) <br> <br>

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