Description: Students will create hand-drawn spirit animal stickers to represent themselves using pencil, iPads, and vinyl cutters with Adobe software.

Subject: Social Emotional Learning (SEL), art, technology

Grade Level: 2nd-5th


  • Students will reflect on their own identity
  • Students will empathize to relate to animals
  • Students will use creativity to draw animals that share their characteristics
  • Students will communicate their ideas through words, drawings, and stickers
  • Students will create a sticker to represent themselves

Tools and Materials:

  • Pencil/pen and paper
  • iPad(s) with Adobe Ideas
  • Computer with Adobe Illustrator
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Vinyl roll
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Tweezers, transparency tape

Duration: Two one-hour periods (Lesson 1: Intro-Step 5; Lesson 2: Step 6- Step 10). If pressed for time or working with young students, this can be done in one lesson (Intro-Step 5) and the teacher can complete the sticker production (Step 6-Step 9), ending with sharing and sticking with students.

Possible Adaptations and Extensions:

  • Without a vinyl cutter- print, laminate, and tape spirit animals to create "stickers"
  • Write short stories about their spirit animals
  • Draw habitats and adaptations for spirit animals
  • Create hybrid, fictional spirit animals
  • Perform skits about spirit animals
  • Play animal charades
  • Write spirit animal quizzes

Related Resources:

  • Spirit Animals: Book 1: Wild Born by Brandon Mull (Gr. 4-7): book on Amazon

Step 1: Overview of Spirit Animal Stickers (Lesson 1)

"We are going to create stickers of animals that represent us. Different animals have different traits, like people. Some people are shy like deer, playful like monkeys, or clever like foxes. Have you ever read a book with animals as the main characters? Have you ever related to their feelings and experiences?" Cite examples (ie, Stuart Little, Trumpet of the Swan) and have students share examples. (5 minutes)

Display finished spirit animal sticker.

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