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Introduction: Spirit Panel

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This is a great thing to scare your friends and family with.  Baisically it is a spirit trying to escape from your wall.


~ 2x3- foot birch 1/2- inch plywood panel ( i used something bigger you could use whatever u          want but this measurement is just a suggestion because u could also put it into a book  case) 
~ Plastic Mask
~ Manicure plastic hand or manikin hand
~ Craft Glue (I used gorilla glue)
~ Celluclay paper- mache
~ Spreader (I used my fingers)
~ Sandpaper (It doesn't matter what grade it is)
~ Latex paint

Step 1: Finding the Items U Need

In order to find the mask that is easy go to Michaels crafts or a craft store or a costume shop. the manicure practice hand can be found at sally's beauty supply or a beauty supply store like that but if u would like to use a mainkin hand ( which is harder to find) ask around at a clothing store. The wood can be found at your local hardware store or lumber yard. The Celluclay can be found at a craft store i used the powdery block but i suggest the paper sheets it is easier because what i used was way to messy. and it wasn't as smooth. 

Step 2: Measurements

If u are using a bookshelf, measure the bookshelf to make the plywood as the same size. 

But if u are using it free floating than whatever size u want is fine.

Step 3: Making It to Hang Up on the Wall

Put the picture frame hangers on the back of the plywood before you start ( i was stupid and did it last)

Step 4: Removing the Back of the Hand

I found that trying to use a bread knife is dangerous so i melted it down on a hot pan then sanding down the rest with a power sander worked best.

Step 5: Placement

Place the mask on the board about center then put the hand next to it a bit lower than the mask on an angle should work best. Face the palm out to make it look as if it is reaching out to you.

Step 6: Getting Things to Stay Put

When you put the paper mache on it would make the mask and the hand move if u didnt secure it. So secure the hand from the back of the panel with a screw. To secure the mask use little dabs of glue around the edge of the mask but first crumple up some news paper and put it underneath the mask under the eyes. tape it down so the mask doesnt pop up from the paper while it is drying. Leave it for a few hours to dry. 

Step 7: Now the Messy Stuff

Mix the celluclay as it is instructed on the box.

With moist hands spread it around the edges of the mask and over the eyes and thick around the hand to make it look like it is stretching the wall. Then let those dry a bit but it still has to be slightly damp (so the other celluclay can stick to it). Then cover all of the board with the celluclay (make sure no plastic is showing because the paint wont stick to it). Then let it dry. Save the left over mixture in an airtight bag for a light skim coat for a smooth finish. After all coats are dry sand any rough edges or areas with sandpaper. 

Step 8: Painting

Paint the panel to your prefered color. Make sure you get every nook and cranny. Then let it dry.

Step 9: Hanging It on the Wall

When you hang it make sure you measure to where the hangers are because it will be better than putting a bazillion holes in the wall. Use picture hangers to hang it on the wall.

Then sit back and watch your friends and family's reaction.

Have fun!



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    Hey, if you got this idea from http://www.bhg.com/holidays/halloween/indoor-decorating/ghosts-in-the-bookcase-halloween-project/, it would be nice to give credit.

    1 reply

    Definitely seems that way at least...

    I would love to do this but with latex (like suggested below), follow-me eyes (from stuffed animals/fursuits), and in my own wall (since I have a fair amount of wall-space). Maybe do something like this...?


    wow could you use the wood hands that are possablie so it can look like he is trapped a lilltle more

    thz 4 yr sharin xD

    i did get it from there and i kind of modified it but it is better the way they did it

    NIce Instructable...I believe one of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies had this effect in the movie.

    This is from a movie, isn't it? what's the name of the movie? By the way, great instructable

    Been thinking along the same lines, but to use latex instead of the celluclay.
    That way you could hve a mechanical movement of the hand and head or lips as well, maybe some glowies behind the eyes as well....

    That turned out GREAT ! Ive never seen celluclay but then I haven't really been looking for a product like it but it seems to have a nice moldability, whats it like when it drys? is it hard like plaster or more like plastic? is it water resistent? How heavy is it when dry? Meaning is it heavier than it looks or lighter ?

    1 reply

    it is more like paper mache it dries very papery and light

    Great ible realy creative looks great on the wall, though I dont know if Han Solo will be too enthusiastic ..Lol

    1 reply

    that would be a great idea but it may take forever to do

    Very effective- cool idea!


    Did anyone else think that this would make a great Solo in carbonite? or is it just me?

    2 replies

    That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it.

    good call but i'd mold my own face if i was doing that