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When creativity is hard to come by, I always look up to the clouds. They are spontaneous, vivid with emotions, and every cloud is one of a kind. This Spirograph robot is just like the clouds. As it spontaneously draws lines on any surface, any canvas you are willing to provide it. Certainly, he will inspire you just like how the clouds have done for me~

Follow this instructable to create a uniquely yours, Spirograph robot as a companion on your journey for creativity.

Step 1: Cut Frame

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Cut a small piece of foam board as the base of the robot, about the 6cm x 6cm.

Step 2: Pen Mount

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* Cut out a small notch on the three sides of the foam board, approximately 60 degrees apart, like shown in the picture. Do not cut it off the frame as this will be used to stabilize the pen.

* Glue the pen onto the notch and the stabilizer with a hot glue gun.

* Repeat for the other two pens.

Step 3: Vibrating Motor

Picture of Vibrating Motor

* Glue a vibrating motor onto the base of the spirograph structure.

Step 4: Power Motor

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* Wrap the wire around the terminals of a 9V battery.

* Glue it in place.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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Enjoy your build. I'd love to see what drawings you get out of your spirograph robot, each one is unique!


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