Spitball Gun





Introduction: Spitball Gun

A spitball gun that uses a small amount of air presure to fire a spitball across the room.

Step 1: Materials

-Metal cutting pliers
-Regular pliers
-Tape-electrical or scotch
-Cristal, Bic Pens

Step 2: Cutting the Pen

1. Take apart the pen as shown.
2. Cut the end off the pen right under the plug with your hacksaw.

Step 3: Taping the Pen

In the middle of the pen you will see a small hole. Take your tape and cover up the hole. To make sure no air is coming out, cover up one end of the pen and blow through the other end.

Step 4: Cutting the Hanger

Cut the hanger as shown leaving three and a half inches from the bend of the hanger. Cut the hanger again leaving ten inches from the bend of the hanger.

Step 5: Bending the Hanger

From where the bend is in the hanger, just bend the small part of the hanger farther so it almost touches the longer part. Now bend the longer part of the hanger down leaving six inches of the straight part of the hanger. It should look like a gun.

Step 6: Loading the Gun

Your gun is done and it should look like the picture.

Now to load the gun take any kind of paper(I use paper towels or napkins.)and make a small spitball and push it all the way into the pen and pack it down with your hanger until it is in the narrow part at the end of the pen, its should be tight but not too tight. Now take a bigger spitball and push it in the top of the pen, this one should be tight but not to tight where you can't push it with your hanger.

Step 7: Shooting and Reloading

To shoot the gun use your hanger to push the big spitball farther into the pen until you here a pop, and see the small spitball go flying across the room. To reload just push the big spitball out of the pen with the hanger through the part where the small spitball was.

If the gun did not fire try making both spitballs smaller or bigger, or if the gun did not shoot hard make the smaller spitball a little bigger. For me having the bigger spitball a little tighter in the pen makes for a better and faster shot.

Have fun with this gun, be safe and don't shoot an eye out.

If you have any questions just post and I try to help out.



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    sounds cool but i cant fugure out how it works a vid would be nice>

    1 reply

    cool but it isn't that practical...

    i tried this with a plastic straw and a straw that was bent in half and it worked quite well

    That's weird, I did the same exact thing to the same exact type of pen the other day.

    it works kinda well, but it takes long to load and it takes like 3 tries to shoot one.

    i laughed when i saw the picture of a saw a pack of pens and a lot of other stuff then looked at the title and saw it said spitball shooter

    I was thinking about doing this instructible but I see you beat me to it, so I'll just add my notes. I don't understand why you're cutting the pen. When we did this in high school 30+ years ago we didn't bother, just pulled the plug from the top, the point and reservoir from the other end (careful not to pull them apart and make an inky mess) and taped the hole, and the barrel was ready. Even the side hole wasn't always plugged, but doing so increases the amount of air being compressed. The hanger was just a simple single-bend L shape, with the short end only an inch long and the long end almost as long as the pen tube. The spit balls were the same size so that the one that just shot the first out becomes the next bullet. The compression squeezes the spit out of them so that instead of sticking to the target (like the regular mouth-blown ones) they sting and bounce off. This should also work with the cheap printed advertising pens, just remove the eraser and tip assembly. Any pen tube that has a taper (constant or near the tip) should work well for thismaybe even untapered ones, but the bullet doesn't increase its tight fit so much without that taper.

    1 reply

    cutting the end off is for when you can't pull out the cap.

    i know how to make a bolt action, silenced airsoft blow gun

    i have those same yellow scissor things

    i will also try this out. and then i will post a comment to see how i did as well.

    2 badd........ it ether dosn't shoot or goes about 5 feet watev..

    hey man thats sick. im going to try it. i will post another comment to see how my results were