Picture of Spitball Launcher
This is the instructions for an extremely simple spitball launcher. All it takes is a mechanical pencil. (The guitar pick in the pictures was just something so my camera would focus.)

Step 1: Disassembling The Pencil

Picture of Disassembling The Pencil
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Take the pencil apart. Simple.

Step 2: Making the Launcher

Picture of Making the Launcher
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Take the internal piece and the tube. If you have to cut the end off to make it a perfect tube, do it. Then put the internal piece in the tube.

Step 3: How to Shoot

Picture of How to Shoot
To shoot, put a spitball in the far end, and pull the internal piece about halfway out. Then flick it or push it forward.
Is awesome
ilpug3 years ago
An old classic. To make it better, tape one end of a rubber band to the eraser part, and the other end to the clip on the pen tube. That way, you can simply pull back the plunger and let it go, without having to flick it.