Step 2: The Electronics.

This is a simple bit of wiring and took me 5 minutes max. Wire together the motor and a switch, using a reverser if you want. I used one so I could have the Spitfire in fan mode (pushing air away) or in realistic mode (i.e. the prop going the right way). This is made from a DPDT slider switch, as shown in the diagram. The lighting circuit uses LEDs powered by a 9v Cell and the Motor from a 1.5v AA cell, hence the DPDT toggle switch used to turn both circuits on. I eventually left the lights out of my Spitfire, purely due to size issues as I didn't have fine enough wire to fit into the slim wings.
Does it blow air forwards or do you have to stay behind it?
It can blow air in either direction due to the reverser switch I included (the slider switch in the photos). I've explained this a bit more in the circuit diagrams. Hope that clears things up a bit :)<br><br>TurboSnail
hello friend, I'm really inspired by this but I have a model plane but I realized it's a et plane then I have another one but it needs two engines . any ideas or tips? thanks so much (-:
<p>Hi, sorry it's taken me a while to read this, but I'm glad you like the project! I don't really know how you would make a miniature jet engine, though that would be really cool! But doing a 2 engine plane shouldn't be too difficult, you just need another motor in parallel with the first one, everything else can be the same. Hope it goes well, be sure to share the results! :)</p><p>TS</p>
<p>You've inspired me! Thank you. I'm current working on a model of a B747 and I think I'll have to design a turbojet-engine fan. After all, 4 will be better than one!</p><p>Great Work!</p>
good job <br> <br>
That is a really cool idea i have to make one now.
Very clever idea, and a wonderful desk ornament. But my late father would never forgive me if i didn't mention that you've fitted the undercarriage <em>the wrong way round.</em><br> <br> <br> Sorry....
I am aware of this, but the kit I had had some dodgy moulding parts in it, meaning that the undercarriage wouldn't fit the right way round. I basically couldn't be bothered to modify the parts... <br>Thanks anyway.
It also made concealing the wires easier
Been looking for an excuse to build an Airfix Spitfire for some time! Thank you!!
This is the most awesome idea I've seen in a while. I'm totally going to do this with a P38 or F4U.
Now the challenge is to put a Dyson blade less fan into an Airfix Eurofighter
Im not going to lie, this just made my day, very neat idea. I've never seen it before and I feel like I should have awhile ago!
Cool! Glad u like it. I'm currently working on an r/c version...
This is really cool pal, am going to have to have a go myself. <br>
its great

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