Picture of Splash-Pod: The Personal Water Park

The record Texas heat wave of 2011 sent me reeling back into my childhood filled with memories of escaping the heat with home-made water toys. In an effort to create similar memories for my daughter, friends, and family, I set on an adventure to create a unique water toy for all to enjoy.

Members of Instructables, I present to you; Splash-Pod: The Personal Water Park.

Inspiration, planning, procurement, construction and thoughts.

Or... how a simple idea can lead to hair-loss, sleeplessness and borderline obsession.


My daughter loves the water. No, to be more accurate, she loves getting wet. Splashing, dunking, squirting, spraying and puddle-stomping are all highly regarded activities in her little world. We first discovered this when she was 8 months old and would refuse to get out of the bath until the water was cold; she was too busy playing. My wife and I happened to see a "water-activity table" toy from one of the major toy companies on sale at Target last Summer. It was basically a plastic table with a few spinning wheels and some empty cups. She suggested that it would be a great toy for our mer-baby. Being the tinkerer that I am, I immediately thought - I could build something far better. And so I offered this idea to the better half: Why spend $80 on a plastic table that just sits there when I could build a table that's 50 times more interactive and fun at half the cost. Let this go down as mistake #1.


She agreed and we passed on the toy. The idea was planted in my brain and one year later we have the final result, which I've named Splash-Pod: The Personal Water Park. I hope that you enjoy the Instructable as much as I had writing it (nervous laughter). Well, I hope, at least, that you can make it through this giant write-up.

I have three goals for this instructable. They are:

  1. Provide a detailed, step-by-step guide on how anyone with very little skill or experience with PVC, Wood-working and electronics could build a similar setup.
  2. Describe the project timeline and cover the many hurdles that I ran through over to make this a reality.
  3. Lessons learned - the moral of the story is...

Please feel free to ask any questions as I will do my very best to stick around to quickly answer them.

guynoir3 years ago
I know you love your kids as much as I love mine. It shows in this project. I appreciate all the detail you put into this instructable. I'd love to create something like this for my daughter, but thanks for being clear on just how many headaches you went through, and letting us learn from your mistakes.
SIRJAMES0911 months ago

WOW!! that's a lot of work!

but then again, for that precious jewel of yours, "...pffffft, it were't nothin'..."

right? :)

TY for sharing Sir, a great project.

cincygeek2 years ago
Excellent! I totally understand your feeling about a plan-as-you-go-in-over-your-head project. I'm half way through one of those myself! :-)

Part of that project has batteries with a charger system. I'm using a wall-wart charger ($12-15 or so), and build a waterproof connector to plug it into. I got one of those plastic modular hose-end connectors, epoxied a metal washer inside, and then used that to connect a 2.5mm jack, with wires stuck out the "modular connector" end, which I then potted with epoxy. The plug-in end is on the threaded side of the connector, and I used an old hose-size cap to close it up when not in use. Will snap a picture of it when I get the chance.

Great work!
lazydiyer3 years ago
Amazing project ! I have a waterbaby wife and half-mer kids of my own. I think they may be too old for this now, but I wonder....

Anyway, great idea, and I like your writing style too.

UncleJP3 years ago
What a magnificent creation, Mike.
What a terrific Daddy.
ardug7593 years ago
How much fun! Thanks for the video.
jugbandman3 years ago
Wonderful description of your monster project. Most "how-to" guides tend to leave out important information, like the DIY shows on TV...they don't give you all the steps, probably on purpose! You held nothing back and pointed out mistakes in your journey, so others won't repeat them. That's great!

Loved the project, loved the video. Can't wait to see your next one!
mollymoocow3 years ago
Very, very awesome! I can picture a few more kiddos in there pushing buttons getting each other wet! Awesome build!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Amazing build, thanks for sharing!
thedixons3 years ago
This is absolutely amazing!! You are incredibly creative and dedicated!

AND....I'm glad that I got to be your first comment! :P