Build a Paint Spinner





Introduction: Build a Paint Spinner

If there's one thing that makes building fun, it's making a huge mess! To that end, we present to you, the Splatter Platter!

Lets face it who wants to spend more than 10 seconds doing a painting? plus any art that uses power tools has got to be fun...

This is how we did it.

Step 1: For Easy Reference

All the instructions including parts and cutting lists can
be printed out on this single A4 size .pdf

Step 2: Materials

The parts required for this Paint Spinner:

Qty.1 X Rubber sanding disk backing pad 125mm

Qty.1 X Cordless Drill

Qty.1 X strap hinge

Qty.1 X 700 X 700 X 12 mm Plywood BC

Qty.2 X Cable Ties

As required. Ply wood strips

As required. Cardboard

As required. Woodscrews 20mm

As required. Staple gun, Tape, Drawing pins, A3 paper and Acrylic paint

All should be available at your local hardware store

Step 3: Tools

You’ll also need...

something to measure with

something to mark with

something to cut Plywood

something to put screws in

something to cut Cardboard

something to keep a straight edge

something to staple with

something to tape cardboard with

something to snip with

Step 4: What to Do

Here's Paul showing how easy it is to build

Step 5: The Results

Here's some of our creations.

We can't wait to try it on a T-shirt!

Step 6: Whats Next?



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Can't wait to build my own paint spinner... thanks!

Oh I just loved this technique. Thank you so much for sharing :).