Step 4: PVC Cutting - Skeleton

You can either use my drawing for the lengths of the PVC parts or you can customize the lengths to make your creature taller, shorter, weirder... I have included a pdf file of all the measurements and to give you an idea of how all of this goes together.

Once you have everything cut, it is time to assemble!
I suppose you really gotta crank the bolt in the center of the plate to keep the arm extended? Are the splivels strong enough to support extended limbs with clothing on them?
wow great can i will try to make one soon i wonder if icould modifey for anmatronics display
I can see some niches for those "splivels" you made! Nice work!
I am very pleased with your design and will try it this year. I am looking into this being in a Coffin using a small motor to move him up and down... Man I can't wait to get started.... Thank You for the cool looking and easy inexpensive way to make a posing skeleton!! You Rock!!!
That's one skinny skeleton.
When it is standing up, it is about 7' tall! I was going for the long and menacing look... Typically when I build one of these, I substitute Bucky parts for the exposed pieces. I have one that is part of a coffin prop that I did that uses a Bucky arm and Skull, the rest is PVC covered in clothing.
Nice work! Cool hinge design!
Thank you very much!
Is the frame strong enough to stand unaided?
Yes, I use a piece of rebar in the ground. One you tighten the bolts in the joints, they stay.

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