Splinter Cell Night Vision Goggles


Introduction: Splinter Cell Night Vision Goggles

This is my first instructable. I will show you how to make Splinter Cell Night Vision Goggles It is also the logo of Spy Gizmos Group.

Step 1: Materials

3 pvc couplings 1" size
1 pvc couplings 3/4" size
1 AO Safety Chemical/splash Safety Goggles
3 Inova LED keychain lights - TML 2010 Translucent Brilliant Green Microlight http://www.inovalight.com/ML-variations.html
1 roll of Plymouth 66' Premium 111 Vinyl Electrical Tape - Black w/ case
1 roll of Scotch 2 In. x 60 Yd. General Purpose Masking Tape

Step 2: Directions

1) cut one 1" coupling in half. Use only one half of coupling, discard the other piece

2) put 3/4" coupling halfway into 1" coupling that was cut in half. This is for the middle tube and will stick out about 1/2" beyond the other tubes in front of the goggles

3) wrap all pvc fittings with electrical tape inside and out. create a small roll of electrical tape to feed it through the pvc fittings

4) mark area on goggles with masking tape of where the tubes for the eyes will go

5) wrap outside of goggles with electrical tape

6) remove the masking tape from the goggles

7) hot glue wrapped 1" couplings to the goggles for the eyes

8) hot glue on the front sides of 1 led light and place it angled down inside the wrapped 3/4"- 1" combo middle tube

9) hot glue the 3/4"- 1" combo tube to the middle portion of the goggles

10) hot glue the back and sides of last 2 led lights and place at the bottom of the 1" eye tubes

11) wrap electrical tape around all 3 tubes to give the illusion the goggles have more mass to them

12) insert finger into tubes to turn on the LED light to provide an amazing night vision effect



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    not night vision

    Why don't you try to make something a bit more useful, a real pair of nightvision goggles for instance. Its done quite simply using so0me IR LEDs and a slightly modified camera. If you do attempt this, good luck :)

    5 replies

    since you know, could you do me a serious favor and construct a legit night vision goggles instructable? please?

    There are plenty of instructions already out there on the web, and at the moment I do not have the money to invest in such a project.

    oh. okay. thanks anyway :)

    dude there already are instructables for legit night vision goggles

    if u ever do get the funding, please do make the instructable for it.

    dude who are you talking to?!?!?! lol

    and you might want to take pictures, cause this sounds pretty cool

    2 replies

    I hope you all realize this is just a green LED taped to a PVC pipe...

    lol im glad somebody realized thise

    So True Can U post an actual pic of the devics? ??? ??? ???

    1 reply

    I hope you all realize this is just a green LED taped to a PVC pipe...

    maybe a picture of the real finished product would help, and pictures to help with assembly

    I'm gonna haveta disagree with you
    I love Metal Gear Solid, there is no comparison

    1 reply

    yup. nuthing i repeat NOTHING produce the same awe/fear than the Psycho Mantis boss fight. "put down the controller...there, that's good" *rumblerumblerumbleshakeshakeshake*

    The link you provided couldn't be found...(404 Page Not Found). I'm not sure if it's my computer or what?

    2 replies