Splinter: a Small K'nex Ball Machine





Introduction: Splinter: a Small K'nex Ball Machine

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This is Splinter:
2 paths
Micro coaster track
Unique design.

I will make instructions soon.
Stay tuned! C:



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    Hey dude, can you make instructions? If so, howzit coming along?


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    Oh um about the instructions, Splinter got destroyed so I cant make any instructions. ;-;. U can use the pictures to see if u can build it. Sorry for the screw up.

    Oh, no hard feelings! Its pretty easy really. Just one question though: Do you know how to rebuild it again?

    Let me know by replying to this comment! Thanks!


    Um. No. I wasnt planning on mentally remembering how to put it together. But. It was destroyed so. Sorry. ? . I am planning on making another small ball machine soon, though.

    Press the reply button so I get an email next time =) is it named after anything /anyone in particular?

    Oh sorry ?. It's named Splinter becuase at first when I was making it, It looked like a foot. And so I just randomely called it Splinter. ?