Split-Screen Computer


Introduction: Split-Screen Computer

This is one of the simplest and cheapest (for free if you know where to go) things for your computer.

Basically, this creates an extended desktop to drag and drop other browsers or programs allowing you to do multiple things at once without clicking back and forth

especially helpful for doing things and watching youtube or a movie at the same time

Step 1: Find a Monitor

You'll need a computer already with a monitor and then need to find a separate monitor.

in my case, my dad was throwing out perfectly good (very dated and huge) monitors that are basically obsolete compared to a high res flat screen of today.

Either find someone who's doing the same by throwing out a bunch of dated monitors

-Dumpster diving

- Or just buy a monitor (anything really, your preference)

Step 2: Setup

Setup your new (or old) monitor next to the monitor (or laptop in my case).

Wire the power cable to a plug and wire the video cable to the computer or laptop.

Try to setup the monitors almost touching, you'll understand in a minute

Step 3: Program the Monitor

Right-click and go to graphic properties

my computer had it's own program and i cannot promise you yours is the same. Anyways, go to graphic devices and you should see boxes and monitor settings. Find multiple display and check the box of extended desktop. In the drop down arrow select monitor.

Here is where your preference comes into play. Depending on which side you put the extended monitor you want to place the boxes ( you should see some boxes to the right with numbers in them) in the right places. Mess around with it until you get it right but for me, I have my new monitor on the left and therefore I placed in the the number 2 box to the left of the number 1 box.

The size of the box may be adjusted as well and that is your preference.



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    What if u only have one screen jack and ur using a desktop

     I might try this once I get a new monitor. Ubuntu has a very similar program.

    Dual screening is the future! However i am beyond this and often use a Tri-screen set up - i mite make an instructable on it! im awaiting my replacement 3rd screen, so would be a great oppurtunity!

    17 replies

    When I secure my own source of money,I will do quad and pass you.

    Meh, i can already do quad..

    Dang..... I once tried to hook up both DVI and VGA to the same monitor.The screen fuzzed the image,the hue got messed up and I was like O.O

    At one of the University of Florida College of Journalism computers labs, each computer has dual monitors, there's one computer with four monitors that is only used to have a different news website on each monitor. It's ridiculous some of the stuff they've got.

    One school that I saw had double mac monitors. My school barely affords a few DELL computers... meh.

    Did you know that mac is made by sony?

    Do you think you are special or something? Mac is made by Apple, not Sony. Apple! Sony makes Sony, Apple makes Apple. The End.

    if u'r schools' students study hard, it's WAY better than mine-I live in Ireland(but I'm romanian), and go to decent school. we even have laptops, because the teachers a struggling to make the students study at all. it's really boring for me and my classmates can barely type with ONE hand. the school's overall network is very advanced. it has a server, computers with projectors, dvd players(well that's really too much) and a sound system. some even have a touchscreed, but homemade, webcam based touchscreens are way cooler whan those.

    that kinda sounds like my school. i live in ireland 2. what school ya in?

    Marino College community school, in fairview

    ah rite im up in A.S.R. never thought i'd see someone form marino on here. well hello nyways

    I didn't manage to find out what's asr.. can u tell me plz?

    ard scoil ris. its up on griffit avenue

    If you max out the Apple Mac Pro, you can run like 8 x 30inch monitors off it! crazy! I only tend to use 3 when working, one for artwork, one for palletes, and one for the fun stuff (itunes/msn etc) Most the time i manage one, specially with spaces.

    They also had a mac with dual 30 inchers and while I was there, they had just gotten a new mac with a multiple terabyte HDD and hundreds of gigs of RAM.


    • They justified buying a wii just because of the world news feature (only used it for games)
    • 8 Giant plasma screen TVs each tuned into a different news station

    All of this in one room.

    yeah! u can max out the mac pro with like 32gb of ram! but mac os x can theoretically handle 4 terabytes of ram! just no hardware yet.

    4 terabytes?!? holy crap