Step 8: Using 7-Zip: Reassembling the Split Archives.

Unlike WinRAR, you first need to to copy all the archives, onto your hard disk, in the same location, as in a folder .Make sure that they all ARE oin the same folder, else this will not work. Once you've got all the archives onto your hard disk, double click on the first archive (in my case it was trial.001). Windows does not recognize this format, and asks you to select a program. Select 7-Zip file Manager. in case it is not there on the list of programs, browse for it in the directory or folder in which you instaled 7-Zip. Choose 7-Zip File Manager, and press ok.

Your job is done, since you already copied all the archives to a location, you will not need to change discs, thats already done. After you've reassembled your file, you may delete the archives from your hard disc, as you no longer need them.

Job Done!!

I recommend this way for splitting your files, if you are looking for an economic version. The only only glitch in this way is that you need to first copy all the archives onto your hard disc, and then select 7-Zip file manager to read them. But that's not much of an issue. So if you're gonna use this mehod, its not gonna burn a hole in your pocket, since both other sofwares need to be purchased. Also, this is a light download, and the installer can easily fit in with it occupying less than 1MiB of memory. So if you are looking for economy, this is the option for you!!
Thanks for this instruction. I was struggling with various methods that weren't working, and this did the trick!
Gee, thanks! Glad this instructable came in helpful for you! :)
<p>How did you get your windows like that its super cool!! And this was very useful even 4 years later</p><p>Thanks</p>
7zip can do this also, and it has a higher compression ratio.<br /> you can get it on <a href="http://www.sourceforge.net" rel="nofollow">www.sourceforge.net<br /> </a><br />
As you can see, I have in fact included 7zip in the instructable.<br>And as far as the compression ratio goes, I usually prefer not to compress my files, coz the files I have to deal with usually, don't really get compressed by 15-20MB or more, and when you're dealing with file sizes in GBs, that doesn't make much of a differences, while actually eating up your system resources and time.
I didn't see it at the time of the posting, almost two years ago.
Actually, I somehow managed to miss your comment, so it went unanswered for all this while. The 7-zip was always there (it was one of the first, and still one of my preferred archiving tools around.)<br><br>I just received a comment recently, so that's when I saw your comment. Sorry for the late reply. :)

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