Introduction: Splitting Mono Track to Stereo in Audacity

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Got a mono audio track that you want to see as stereo in Audacity? Then read on to find out how to split mono sound tracks into stereo!

Step 1: Things Needed

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If you want fame, you gotta have some fortune. Check this *short but necessary* list to make sure you have what you need:

1. Audacity

2. Obviously a recording to split

3. Extra pizza just in case Windows crashes while you try to move the mouse pointer or open the Start Menu. (You would not have these issues if you had Linux!)

Step 2: Choose Your Channel

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On the track you wish to split into stereo, look to the top left. You should see a button that says "Audio Track". Select it and click the option "Left Channel"

Step 3: Duplication = Clone Wars

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At the window border, click the "Edit" tab. Under the options menu, click duplicate.

Step 4: Channels Again!?

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By now, you should have two separate audio channels. On the newly formed channel, (The bottom one) select the "Audio Track" button and in the drop down menu, click "Right Channel"

Step 5: Finally!

Next, on the top channel, again click the "Audio Track" tab and in the drop down menu, click "Make Stereo Track".

Ta-da! It's done. This was a quick and simple tutorial but timely nonetheless. It's amazing how Google can fail to provide good results sometimes.

Thanks for reading and Happy Recording!


oragamiunicorn (author)2017-11-26

what is the point in having a dual mono track, won't most mono recordings play as dual mono anyway? Have I misunderstood something here?

"Most" mono recordings will, but for some reason people I've talked to seem to have the issue of sound coming out of one speaker.

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