This target is based off of the concept of Splodies.
It will explode when you shoot it.

Step 1: Piece List:

You will need:

2 Snowflake Connectors
2 Blue Connectors
2 Purple Connectors

4 Green/Black Rods
1 White Rod

1 Rubberband

Step 2: Build These:

Build These Parts.

Step 3: Connect

Connect these parts.

Step 4: Finish

Add rubber band and put the target on!
Your Done!
it doesnt xplode
yes it does you didn't put bands on right.
i put it on th xact way it says to but it wont xplode
what gun did u use?<br />
none i threw a piece at it as hard as i could (and i can trow really hard) and it just collapsed<br />
huh... weird..<br />
sorry i know late reply but it works fine now and it explodes just fine (i fixed my spelling!!!!!! lol)
Thats good.
hey cool i love fast responses....im thinking about posting a shrapnel splodie do you think i should?<br>
Sure! Why not?
kk so ill get on it as soon s i can figure out how to pload a video without using a youtube or any other of those sites...and after this weekend im only home for like 30 min rite now then im going bak to a camp
us a gun on it. it always works for me.<br />
Cool, I added this to the We Love Splodies group.
i made a better version of yours because when i shot yours it just sort of fell apart but the top went flying up in the air which was cool.
wait- so thats what yours does? or mine? anyways this is old. i could make a better version if i wanted
yours mine is a blue connector with 4 white connectors coming off of it like yours but it has the grey 2 slot connectors and a blue/silver connector underneath (it looks sort of like a tripod with a white circle on top
yeah i know.. but whats yours then?
i will post a picture
ok, then do so.
Hmm this is actually a good idea...not to mention these would be fun for knex wars for a "destructable enviroment" where these represent like gas canisters or something that explode when shot.
Actually, that's a good idea, but I would just put elevated grenades sitting around to shoot at.
Exactly. I'd but them in the areas with the best cover so no matter what...you'll always have something to worry about.
Someone needs to to make a k'nex time-delay grenade, cover it with duct tape and throw it at people, lol.
i'm working on it, but right now it will be 1' by 1' and not throwable :_(
Lol, 1 foot by 1 foot? Thats more like a cannon ball.
that would be cool!
Thanks! When I read you comment I made a size "C" splodie grenade based off of your newest one. its just smaller and makes a good destructable environment item. I'm not gonna post it but you can if you want. Here are some Pics:
You know I should update my instructable like that. I don't know why I didn't try that before. If I do I'll credit you.
Ok Thanks! i realized that my last comment and probably this one has bad grammar. dont forget to mention the "destructable enviroment" in the updat!
I made this, and sorry, it does not work very well. It just kinda crumples up.
correction - 4 good guns * nods*<br/>
cool idea, it flies far with a strong gun and not with a weak gun!

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