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Introduction: Splodie Target

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This target is based off of the concept of Splodies.
It will explode when you shoot it.

Step 1: Piece List:

You will need:

2 Snowflake Connectors
2 Blue Connectors
2 Purple Connectors

4 Green/Black Rods
1 White Rod

1 Rubberband

Step 2: Build These:

Build These Parts.

Step 3: Connect

Connect these parts.

Step 4: Finish

Add rubber band and put the target on!
Your Done!



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    yes it does you didn't put bands on right.

    i put it on th xact way it says to but it wont xplode

    none i threw a piece at it as hard as i could (and i can trow really hard) and it just collapsed

    sorry i know late reply but it works fine now and it explodes just fine (i fixed my spelling!!!!!! lol)

    hey cool i love fast responses....im thinking about posting a shrapnel splodie do you think i should?

    kk so ill get on it as soon s i can figure out how to pload a video without using a youtube or any other of those sites...and after this weekend im only home for like 30 min rite now then im going bak to a camp

    us a gun on it. it always works for me.

    Cool, I added this to the We Love Splodies group.

    i made a better version of yours because when i shot yours it just sort of fell apart but the top went flying up in the air which was cool.

    5 replies

    wait- so thats what yours does? or mine? anyways this is old. i could make a better version if i wanted

    yours mine is a blue connector with 4 white connectors coming off of it like yours but it has the grey 2 slot connectors and a blue/silver connector underneath (it looks sort of like a tripod with a white circle on top

    yeah i know.. but whats yours then?