Spoil 3 Dogs to the Point of Ruin

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Introduction: Spoil 3 Dogs to the Point of Ruin

Its hard to live with 3 dogs.  BUT, when they are not yours and spoiled to the bone...... its impossible!  This is some of the highlights of things they get and GET AWAY WITH.  

Step 1: Toys

I'd like to say only the best toys are purchased......but they just take what they want.

Step 2: Short-Order Cooking

Chicken & eggs, ground beef & cheese, salmon, chicken w/chicken broth, & corned beef & hash.... just to name a few meals.

Step 3: Eating

You are supposed to raise a dish off the ground for a large dog.  BUT, around here, the little dog feels big as well.

Step 4: Bathing

The dogs take advantage of living with a plumber.  Such as, their own shower.

Step 5: Comfort

These beds were made out of an old futon.  BUT, they generally sit where they please.  

Step 6: Other Pets

NOT A CHANCE!  These dogs DEMAND your attention and do not like to share even with each other.  Personally, I'm a cat lover.  Unfortunately, this is the only cat I can around here.



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    Nice ible! Love your cat!

    HEY! That's a "Kalishnakitty" ..... not to be messed with

    Kewl! If I stop in I will proceed with caution!