Step 22: Run the image design & download software

Picture of Run the image design & download software
You can import images as .bmp files, then do a little touchup before writing the image to the spokepov. For more detailed instructions on how to run the software visit http://www.ladyada.net/make/spokepov
jj.inc3 years ago
What if your computer isn't old enough to have one of those ports
gener_i6 years ago
Can I replaced you AVR tiny to PIC MCU which is more widely available here in the Philippines,can you recomend what kind or part number of PIC can replaced you AVR MCU
wadadli6 years ago
Did somebody say this is an EASY project?
very creative.
One of the best instructables I've ever seen!!!! I want to do a Mrs. Pac man bike now!
lamborox7 years ago
this is so awesome