Picture of Sponge Brownie Prank
This is a great prank for April Fools Day! The brownie looks very real but is just made from a sponge and frosting. The best part of this is it only takes about 5 minutes and everybody will fall for it because nobody is expecting a brownie to be fake. It is so hilarious to see people bite into the brownie.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials needed are:
Butter Knife
Chocolate Frosting
Sprinkles (Optional)

Oh my goshnesss. So funnnnyyyy. You are smart.

bgibbes1 year ago

I loved this one alot of fun just have real make up brownies handy !

lolson11 year ago

Have to do this for my teenager G'Kids!! I can see them now...lololol

mnovelli22 years ago
THANK YOU!!!! In a week we are having a class party, and my family is making brownies! I'll make sure to make the fake brownies with red sprinkles so I know!
rrkrose (author)  graciepickle2 years ago
Great! Tell me how it goes and maybe take some pictures!
danlynne073 years ago
wow!!! i came across this prank because of your comment on my Oreo Icecream Chocolate Cupcake Bites.i am so glad i did.i cant wait to pull this on everyone in my family.i will do it at parties too.i voted this 5 stars....love it!!! thank you.
rrkrose (author)  danlynne073 years ago
Thanks! I love doing this too family and friends and even though they have falled for it before they never remember and always take a bite!
mygibzone3 years ago
I would totally fall for this one!
Someond did this to me but he filled it with icing and I didnt notice untill i ate the whole cupcake and he told me
Oh man, that's funny! I'm imagining biting a sponge right now and it doesn't seem very pleasurable (especially when expecting a brownie) but watching someone else do it sure does!
mom1233 years ago
i am home schooled to go home schoolers
I would love to try this at work
canida3 years ago
So simple! The sprinkles are a perfect touch - nobody can resist brownies with sprinkles. :D