Sponge Skating! (Get your kids to clean the floor and enjoy it)

Picture of Sponge Skating! (Get your kids to clean the floor and enjoy it)
Do you have a dirty kitchen floor? Are you tired of cleaning it yourself? Do you have energetic kids that you need to wear out before bedtime? Try this trick and your kids will beg you to let them clean the floor for you! It is also great exercise, and with the addition of a couple of mops and a lid it can also be turned into a fun family hockey game.

WARNING: Be careful, and if you slip and fall and hurt/kill yourself, don't blame me! You might want to think about wearing a helmet or pads or something if you're worried about it...

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

- Sponges (two for each person)
- Pair of shoes
- Hot glue gun
- Soap or floor cleaning (non-irritating to the skin)
- Bin or bucket for the suds (or use the sink)
- Music for skating to

To play hockey, you may also want:

- A mop for each player
- Some type of object to use as a puck

Step 2: Attach The Sponges

Picture of Attach The Sponges
The first step is to attach sponges to the bottom of the shoes for everyone who will be participating. Our grocery store had a three-sponges-for-a-dollar sale, so we stocked up on a few. They were the type that you use for cleaning the kitchen sink or washing the dishes.

Hot glue works great for this because it can be removed when you're done. It held the sponges to the shoes remarkably well while we used them pretty hard for over an hour.

I attached the sponges to my son's old imitation crocs that were a bit small and were about to be thrown out. I used my "nice" sandals and the glue peeled off easily when I was done.

Step 3: Add the Suds

Picture of Add the Suds
Add a bit of soap to the bucket and fill with water to make the floor-cleaning suds. You should make sure that the soap you use is non-irritating to the skin.

Now, get your sponge skates nice and soapy. My kids loved standing in the bucket with their skates on.
YahrielV3 months ago
froggedup1 year ago
This is awesome! I dont have kids but i do have a tile floor that i hate cleaning. So this will be fun as long as i close the blinds so no neighbors think im nuts!
looks like fun!! but a bit dangerous too :s
Dreistein5 years ago
 this is sooooo awsome
finfan75 years ago

Teach the family to shuffle.  Then you can have even more crazy fun.