Picture of Sponge manicure
I call this one my volcanic ash and glitter manicure.

Because anything+glitter= awesome.

You'll need:
Base coat
Base colour (I used cherry red)
Chunky clear glitter polish
Silver fine glitter polish
Black polish
Cosmetic sponge
Top coat
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Step 1: Base colour

Picture of Base colour
Really, any colour will do.
Apply 2-3 coats for to achieve opacity.

Step 2: First layer of glitter

Picture of First layer of glitter
After your base colour has dried, carefully paint your chunky clear glitter from the base of your nails (cuticle area) upward. Paint 2/3 of the nail, leaving the tip exposed.

Step 3: Sponging

Picture of Sponging
Apply a drop or two of your silver glitter polish to the tip of your cosmetic sponge

Step 4: Sponged

Picture of Sponged
Apply silver polish on the sponge to the tip of your nail, slightly overlapping the chunky glitter.

Step 5: More layers?

Picture of More layers?
At this point, I sponged another layer of black polish to the tips. Apply a clear topcoat to protect your manicure!
Ooh this is way fun! And I totally concur with this statement "Because anything+glitter= awesome."
yep yep!!
I love the final look of this!
I had been doing a similar look without the sponging, but it seems the sponging makes the effect so much cleaner and easier!
I will deffinitley have to try this next time I am painting my nails. I am assuming any type of sponge should work, correct?
smith0crystal (author)  sailormoon224913 years ago
I used a cosmetic sponge, but you've got me thinking- A kitchen sponge would probably give a neat effect, too!
klimb3 years ago
I love it! Would never think to use a sponge. Did you wet the sponge or anything. More please.
smith0crystal (author)  klimb3 years ago
Nope! Just use the sponge dry- apply about 2 drops of polish- wait for the sponge to soak up a bit of the polish (30 sec) and sponge away!
I'm glad you like my tutorial! Check out my blog for more beauty tips and manicure ideas: