Sorry but I have no Pics of the building process itself. 

The colors I used, are watercolors. I disolved the colors in water and put it into a spray bottle.
That makes it very easy to paint.
The reason I used watercolor is simple, if the snow melt all the colors will be gone. You can use spray cans but you end up with a lot of tiny color flakes in spring.

For the arms I used kitchen rolls.

Why he is so glossy? Because I glazed him about 5 times (like a Turkey ;-) ).

Don't eat the yellow snow.
Are you a German?<br>I am a German
ja, bin ich!
Really good job. Cool how you used color.
Yay! I loveit! great job!
Thank you!
WA````amazing. No word to say.
I know the word it is : Vote!<br><br>Thanks
Awesome! Great job!
it's only a matter of time before a yellow snow joke occurs!
Wow!! That's awesome looking!
This looks great! Welldone! very creative

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