Picture of Spongebob & Friends Papercraft – The Whole Collection
Four full years ago, I started the Spongebob Papercraft collection with Patrick Star, the first craft using a new technique that allowed rounder shapes and less flaps. Oh yes, papercraft is such a sophisticated science…
And today, I present to you the result of four years of elaborate research, in shape of the seven main characters from Nickelodeon’s flagship: Spongebob, Patrick, Gary, Plankton, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Sandy.

On that note...
Are ya ready, kids?

Step 1: You need:

Picture of You need:
  • Paper: Attempts to print the templates on grave stones and artificial turf failed. I still recommend using paper. Paper with 160 g / m2 is not necessarily needed, but it makes your models look more valuable. (normal paper has 80 g / m2)
  • A Printer: Attempts to draw the templates by hand failed. I still recommend using a printer or a copy shop.
  • Crafting Stuff: Attempts to tear the paper into the right shapes and hold it together with bubble gum failed. I still recommend using scissors and glue. For some parts, I suggest tiny pins, tiny scissors, an X-Acto knife and tweezers.
  • The Templates: Attempts to rebuild the templates using the reference pictures failed. I still recommend downloading them from kamibox.de.
In general, it is enough to print page two from all of the PDFs, that saves ink and paper and, by implication, the planet.

The models are in order from left to right on the picture and don’t follow any chronological order. You can make any figure that you want first.
belsey7 months ago

These are great... but have a question: did you ask for permission and license the rights to use the characters' images, or did you just create them for fun and hope that you won't get into trouble?

kamibox.de (author)  belsey7 months ago
I created them for fun and hope that I won’t get into trouble :)

The point is that I don’t use copyrighted images, I make my own, and there is no possibility for me to make profit with them, so it is basically "Fan Art".
belsey kamibox.de7 months ago
You might not be using specific copyrighted images, but they still own the rights to the characters' image and their names... As long as they aren't owned by Disney (I can't remember what channel Spongebob is on) you should be OK, the worst you'll get is a "cease and desist" letter. Disney has a reputation for being really tough and uncompromising. They might say even if you're not charging for them, you're promoting your website (therefore profiting) by using their property, and this harms their brand. This is a subject I think a lot about, from both sides. As a designer I do believe (strongly) in intellectual property, but I've also been in a position when I wanted to use a trademarked image, for my paper Rubik's cube. I opted to license it, which involved a lot of work and a fair amount of money which I still haven't earned back. I probably could have gotten away with it without the license, but I'm still glad I did it this way. Anyway. All this to say that's why I was interested in how you handled it...
Saitu1 year ago

Dude.... I must say... this is frickin brilliant... thanks a lot! Also, it's super awesome that you don't charge for downloading the designs... Hey, I was planning on making Sandy's bubble helmet out of transparent plastic sheeting... I'll see if that works...

awesome dudr
impressive work, the charactors look pretty cool..
ManowarARG1 year ago

this is AWSOME, I gave it to my girlfriend and she loves it

sub13mundo1 year ago

OOOOwn so cute!!!! Love it!

Abigail021 year ago
Incredible! I love the plankton guy!!! Great job!

Wow... I was really waiting to see your work. This is awesome :).

Wwow! awesome work :D