Spongebob Squarepants costume. Hand drawn and painted. Looks just like the cartoon.
Eddie2163 years ago
Awesome! I will do one of this to me....I'm mean, for my kids, of course. =]
love2die1004 years ago
what a great idea,thx4sharing my daughter loves sponge bob.
jjuliao19885 years ago
Love the costume...I bet she had the best halloween costume!
jenjulen5 years ago
boston095 years ago
i love spongebob, you should have gone as squidward
RedMeanie5 years ago
Awesome WORK.....My Daughter is Sponge Bob Crazy and would love this! I can't show it to here because she would want one, and Im not remotely as artistic as you...It would look more like  the 5th slide when I was done!
That is awesome.  You are an amazing artist, it came out looking just like the cartoon.  Now that takes talent. You daughter is sure to be the neighborhood hit.  Happy Trick or Treating.
cammel85 years ago
That looks Pretty good.  Bet it took a while to draw out and paint. Well done!