Spongebob Squarepants costume. Hand drawn and painted. Looks just like the cartoon.
Awesome! I will do one of this to me....I'm mean, for my kids, of course. =]
what a great idea,thx4sharing my daughter loves sponge bob.
Love the costume...I bet she had the best halloween costume!<br />
genial!!!!<br />
i love spongebob, you should have gone as squidward
Awesome WORK.....My Daughter is Sponge Bob Crazy and would love this! I can't show it to here because she would want one, and Im not remotely as artistic as you...It would look more like&nbsp; the 5th slide when I was done!<br />
That is awesome.&nbsp;&nbsp;You are an amazing artist, it came out looking just like the cartoon. &nbsp;Now that takes talent. You daughter is sure to be the neighborhood hit.&nbsp;&nbsp;Happy Trick or Treating.
That looks Pretty good. &nbsp;Bet it took a while to draw out and paint. Well done!&nbsp;

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