Picture of Spooktacular Carved Apple
Strapped for ideas on how to celebrate the autumnal equinox this year? Is sacrificing virgins loosing its edge? Well then, maybe here is something new for you!

If you carve a face in an apple, and let it sit in the open for a couple of days, it shrivels into a really spooky little head.
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Step 1: Go get stuff.

Picture of Go get stuff.
To do this you will need:

-an apple (preferably slightly whithered)
-an exacto knife or carving blade
-a ridiculously large wood saw
-time and patience

Step 2: Wound the apple.

Picture of Wound the apple.
Pick a spot on the apple where you can envision a face and start carving away. Keep carving until you have it perfect.

Helpful tips for perfectionists:

- Remember, most recognizable faces have two eyes a nose and a mouth.

- The best way to carve eyes is to make two holes a little more than half way towards the top of the apple.

- The best way to make a mouth is to make a hole about a third of the way to the bottom of the apples.

- The nose should just kind of appear.

Step 3: Wait.

Picture of Wait.
Once you have carved the apple to your liking, leave it somewhere (preferably sunny) and wait.

A couple of days later you should be totally spooked!

it's adorable! i like the face before it dries, too. a very amusing instructable. thank you.

it's adorable! i like the face before it dries, too. a very amusing instructable. thank you.

Browncoat7 years ago
What's the purpose of the saw? I like that you gave ideas as to where on the apple the eyes & mouth should be carved.
Maybe to cut the bottom of the apple so it sits, not rolls? Or, just to scare on lookers, I bet. That'll keep 'em away so you can concentrate!
thumbelina7 years ago
I made one of these in first grade.. and still have it today. It's very very scary.
is it moldy?
nope, the lemon juice makes it not mold
arnt u ment to put it in salt water
Illidan7 years ago
damn, i was just thinking about making this instructable but you beat me to it! damn you salazar!
lemonie7 years ago
That's quite a nice effect, how about mould for a hairy-face? L
I'm a little more scared out of your out-of-focus photography.
randofo (author)  fungus amungus7 years ago
Well.... yeah.... y'know.... It was a long long time ago when I made this and its the only picture I have. There might be a better picture out there. I'll look into it.