Picture of Spooktacular  Treat Bags

This project is perfect for kids & or adults. A fantastic way to recycle those toilet paper rolls we all have.

If you'd like you can add embellishment or whatever you want, let your imagination run wild!

You can use the treat bags for your trick or treaters, friends & family. It makes a great little gift for co workers too!

Note:This project is my original idea, graphic designs & concept.

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Step 1: You will need:

Picture of You will need:

Empty toilet paper rolls

Tissue paper

Hole puncher



Elmer's glue or glue stick

For handle- I chose black fun fur yarn (you can also use string, yarn, ribbon etc)

Paper clips or clothespins(or anything that can be used as clamps)

Halloween images(see step 2 to print them out)


Step 2: Print out Halloween images

Picture of Print out Halloween images

Print out images shown.

Step 3: Begin

Picture of Begin
step 3.jpg

Cut your tissue paper into 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" inch squares.

Flatten roll down.

Wrap tissue paper around toilet paper roll and glue ends together.

Tuck tissue paper inside the roll on each end.

Using glue, glue one end of roll shut, clamp it shut until it's dry(about 10-15 minutes)

On opened end of roll punch a hole on each side.

Using your fun fur tie it to each hole to create your handle, make your knot facing the inside of roll.(Tip- I make my handles a little long so that they can be hung on door knobs)

Glue your printed Halloween images to the front of roll.

Add your candy

**And you are done! Have a safe & happy Halloween!

linda.c.hughes.5 (author) 11 months ago

thank-you both

doodlecraft11 months ago

What a great idea! Love it! :)

seamster11 months ago

Nice project!