Spooky BOO-nanas! (Super Easy, No Cook)


Introduction: Spooky BOO-nanas! (Super Easy, No Cook)

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It is spooky season, which means spooky food and candy everywhere! However, this year your Halloween can be somewhat healthier! Introducing; BOO-nanas a (somewhat) healthier alternative to candy! These are super easy to make and great fun as most of this recipe is simply decoration! You can also decorate these any way you like, don't feel restricted to just ghosts! (Think: Mummy's, Vampires, Minions and More!)



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    The instructions are as it looks from the picture:

    Peel and cut bananas in half

    Place them on popsicle sticks/kebab sticks,

    Melt white chocolate

    Cover the banana with melted chocolate

    Pop in the freezer to set

    Decorate with different colour icing and chocolate chips

    Simple Instructable - thanks for posting it! For me the melting chocolate kinda counts as cooking though :P

    The instructions are in the video.

    Good thank you, how are you? Xxx

    How are you??:)