Spooky Backwards Spinning Clock Made from Cassette Player Motor

Picture of Spooky Backwards Spinning Clock Made from Cassette Player Motor
This is a prop that I made for my daughter's elementary school haunted house, which I run with my husband. The clock is constructed from a cheapo thrift store clock and an old kid's cassette player. It shows thirteen o'clock and the minute hand spins backwards.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools
The things I used for this project are:

An old clock (doesn't need to work)
A portable cassette tape player (not a micro cassette)
Enclosed battery holder ( I used Radio Shack #270-409)
Wood ( I used 3/4" thick poplar)
Electrical tape
Wood screws
White glue
Epoxy glue
Plastic spacer
A set of Fancy clock hands
Super 77 spray adhesive
Wooden finale
Small wood molding (I got this at Michaels Arts & Crafts)
Duct tape

Soldering iron
Miter box

Step 2: Disassemble the Cassette Player

Picture of Disassemble the Cassette Player
1. Take apart the cassette player (I forgot to take a picture of the cassette player that I started with, but the one show is very similar).

2. You will not need any part of the green circuit board so just break it away until you get just the plastic housing holding the motor.

3. With the motor wires still attached to the original battery case, figure out which of the two wires actually run the motor. I did this by looking at the motor and guessing. In the process of making the project, one of the wires came loose from the motor connection point and I had replace the wire and solder it back on- so have a soldering iron and some wire on hand, just in case.

4. Connect the wires to a purchased battery pack, so that the motor turns the sprockets counter-clockwise. If the wires are spinning clock-wise, then reverse them to get a counter-clockwise spin. My battery pack has an "on/off" switch. The Motor in my cassette player was 6 volts, so I made sure that the battery pack was compatible.

5. Find the sprocket that spins slower than the other; that is the one that will spin the clock hand. I am pointing to the slow one in the picture.

Excellent how-to, and your clock is beautifully done. Would've loved to see your haunt; you have quite the Gothic Martha Stewart touch!
ChrissyStarr (author)  BadTable Manor6 years ago
DIYDragon6 years ago
That's pretty cool. I'd have that in my house all the time just to get weird looks from people. "You know your clock is spinning.. backwards.. right?" Yeah, so? :)
cwii7 years ago
it is from Walt Disney Land, The Tower of Terror.
Doctor What7 years ago
not so much spooky as geeky.
ewilhelm7 years ago
I love the visual look of the number piled up on the bottom of the clock. Nice!
ll.13 ewilhelm7 years ago
ditto, Great Instructable. It might look even spookier if it wasn't going so fast, maybe like a mournful slower speed. :-)
Or go normal speed clockwise then have a motion sensor and when you get near it it slows down to a stop, then it goes super fast backwards. What would be even cool is if you tied it in to music so the music would slow down then when it goes backwards so does the music.
stro7 years ago
i have an idea ... you said there were 2 cogs in the cassette player? one that moved faster. . . i bet you could hook up the hour hand to it