Step 7: Notes

Picture of Notes
The idea of using a cassette tape motor came from this Website from HowlHaunter:
He used a lid from a five gallon plastic bucket, painted a 13 on it, and lit it from behind with green Christmas lights. It spun backward and looked OK (see picture), but I wanted mine to look like a real clock.

Next year, I will look for a really gothic clock like the one shown below, and use that for the body. To make things much easier, I will remove the front glass, then attach the motor securely inside the clock body. Then, I can easily adjust the height (projection) of the spinning hand before I epoxy it onto the cassette sprocket.
Excellent how-to, and your clock is beautifully done. Would've loved to see your haunt; you have quite the Gothic Martha Stewart touch!
ChrissyStarr (author)  BadTable Manor6 years ago