Spooky Front Stoop " the Birds "


Introduction: Spooky Front Stoop " the Birds "

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I just finished decorating my house for Halloween. This year I decided on a theme - Alfred Hitchcock's " The Birds ". I was totally inspired while shopping at my local craft store and I came upon the great black crows birds in all different sizes. I true fan of Alfred Hitchcock, I thought this was perfect. I arranged the birds on my front door and a few on my orange and white pumpkins I have setting on the stoop to get that I'm being attacked by birds look. A few here and there faux spider webs compliment the front, while a scary skeleton and black cat grace the windows to the left as silhouettes
Happy Halloween
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    I LOVE "The Birds"!!!!

    Looks nicely creepy ;0) I remember watching "The Birds" accidently when no one was home and I was about 9 or ten.  It scared the daylights out of me and I was afraid of birds for a long time. lol

    now that, mate is good!

    ahh "The Birds" truely a great film

    You should toss a servo into one of those birds necks so that it looks like it's digging its beak into the door. Movement where there isn't supposed to be any is an essential element to horror.


    Nicely done, thanks for sharing.
    But, the watchcat isn't doing its job.

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