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Introduction: Spooky Ghost Cart

My Spooky ghost cart to set the mood on halloween

Step 1: The Wheels

I cut and lathed bits of timber and used bits of banister to create the wheels for the cart

Step 2: The Pallet Wood Cart

I pulled apart old pallets, cut and screwed them and created the cart. i then painted and stained to age and tie it all together

Step 3: LED's

I installed the LED strips in different parts of the cart to make it glow

Step 4: Distillery

I carved in foam and covered with resin, iron powder, and pipes

Step 5: Fin

Get the smoke machine installed and set the lighting and there's your spooky ghost cart ready to set the mood on Halloween. I't freaked my niece and nephew out



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    This is great, but some details wouldn't go amiss - what sort of stain? What's the process for the distillery? How would you size the dimensions of the pieces? etc

    That's incredible! How much time did that take? Cost?