Step 7: Paint

Colour in the design using the black paint and the sharpie. Use the sharpie for the fine detail and the craft/hobby paint for the larger areas. Use a pencil, inserted into the hole in the bottom of the egg to help you hold the egg while painting.

For one of the eggs I left most of the egg orange and did the face in black.

The egg with the ghost, I painted most of the egg black and left areas unpainted for the light to shine through, with this egg I did not bother dye the egg orange beforehand, I thought it would look okay without it.

You may require several coats to make the black completely opaque (using several coats of paint also helps make the egg harder, less fragile.)
nice post dude i like it so much, that was awesome idea
I have been checkin' out Instructables for quite a while. I am amazed each and every time I &quot;tune in&quot;. <br> All of you Instructiblers are just an amazing and fascinating crew. <br>The depth and breadth of all of your talents is almost beyond comprehension! <br> So hard to vote! So many fantastic examples of creativity and ingenuity! <br>Yet another incredible example.... <br>Absolutely, without question, my favorite web site. <br> 'Instructables' should be a mandatory part of high school/college curriculum.
Yes, it would be great to encourage creativity and ingenuity in schools!
No way! I never thought of doing something like this, awesome! My kids would love this project.
Yes It's a fun project for kids!
to help get out to yolk break it up with a skewer and use a small aquairium pump worked for us on easter eggs mom only broke a few that way
Thanks for the advice, I like the idea of using the pump I find blowing it out kind of gross.
He's suppervising you
these will work for our goose eggs no futsing with resizing the patterns! ;) <br>
Great idea! thanks for making the i'ble with so much detail, its nice to see.<br><br>you could also print the images out and cut out the areas you want kept white, glue them on the egg with some glue stick, then spray paint, you could even hang the shell from a thread knotted on one end and strung through the small blow hole.
Stringing them up sounds like a great idea. Thanks.
hey! good idea.. i used to paint and draw on eggshells all the time.. never though of lighting em up!
Yeah, they glow quite nicely.
Great idea!
Clever! Carole B.
I like it. You've got my vote in the contest.

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