Spooky Halloween Flowers (21st C refuse sack pompoms)

Picture of Spooky Halloween Flowers (21st C refuse sack pompoms)
Why buy expensive tat for Halloween, when you can make your own inexpensive tat using a black dustbin liner and a sheet or two of paper. Yes that's right, in about 10 minutes you can make some awesome Halloween decorations using an old fashioned craft idea brought right into the 21st century.

In this instructable we are going to be making pompoms from dustbin liners, but you could use plastic grocery bags, swing bin liners or brightly coloured sandwich bags.

If you tie the pompom off with more of the same bag, then you can even recycle the follower when you don't want it any more.

Ideally you will need Black dustbin liner (one large one makes two pompom heads) some office printer paper A4 or US Letter, one sheet per stem, some white (Elmer's or PVA) glue, and optionally to make things easier double sided tape and a squirt of glue gun glue. Oh and a little bit of paint, the brighter the better or even glow in the dark paint... oooh I feel spooky already...
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Step 1: Take a sheet of paper

Picture of Take a sheet of paper
Some of you might know of my wand project, if so, this one starts in a very similar way. This is how you are going to make the stem.

Stick a strip of double sided tape diagonally across a piece of A4 or US Letter paper. You don't absolutely need to do this step but it does make rolling the paper up a bit easier later.

It's dark outside and where I live, quite near to Transylvania, the wolves are howling tonight and who knows what the vampires are doing...

Step 2: Begin to roll the paper up tightly

Picture of Begin to roll the paper up tightly
Unlike the wand, you will not be wanting much of a taper, but a little bit of a taper won't hurt. This is when the double sided comes in handy. Peel off the release paper and tightly roll up to the tape and then stop with the roll held in place...
Articas4 years ago
you could light them on fire lol jk but that would look cool great job i love how they look fluffy
That looks quite a good fit as flowers for Halloween.
Nabil7 years ago
You're right, kinda spooky, reminds me the Marilyn Manson's FIght Song videoclip... (and in my case, that's good)
KaptinScarlet (author)  Nabil7 years ago
cool, glad you like it, have you got a link to that so I coulod see what you mean though...
Sure, I HOPE you like it...

KaptinScarlet (author)  Nabil7 years ago
That is cool thx... see what you mean about the black pompoms, perhaps I should do an instructable on how to make giant black pompoms for MM antihero cheerleaders, combine them with a black nurses uniform and I think you might just have a decent Halloween costume!