Spooky Magnetic Liver





Introduction: Spooky Magnetic Liver

This instructable is in response to a challenge from mikeasaurus to come up with a different color of magnetic putty than black (see Magnetic Silly Putty).
Here is my version: flesh colored magnetic slime.
I'd recently made a batch of silly putty to use for sound effects in a spider video. It was white. Also, last Halloween I'd made some flesh-colored slime (the same ingredients as silly putty, just more water than glue), and was curious to see if the white silly putty could be turned into a skin tone with the addition of ferrous material to make it magnetic. I ordered special red and yellow iron oxide thinking they were ferrous (magnetic), but they turned out to be only pigments. Long story short, adding red, yellow and more white did turn it into a flesh-colored putty. Adding some magnetic solids from an unstirred can of magnetic primer did the trick of turning it into magnetic silly putty. 
Next came the experiment to make magnetic slime from scratch. The video above shows the result. Looks like liver. Yum!
Here is a step-by-step video for making your own magnetic slime:

Basic slime & silly putty ingredients:
* School glue
* Water
* Borax

You can play with proportions, but start with equal amounts of glue and water. Mix well. Dissolve about 2 tsp of borax into 1/8 cup of water. Pour into glue mixture and let stand for a minute. Stir. Pick the putty up and kneed it a bit (slowly) until it's a smooth texture.

Have fun!



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    Yes, it is. I guess you can make a big magnetic board for your office or something. I forget why I bought it. : )

    Wow this is so cool. How does it grow little bumps like that? Did u put a magnet by it?

    That's exactly what I did. I had several tiny super magnets under the plexiglass. Too much fun. : )

    OMG Puppy... that is supremely creepy-weird!

    You might want to add sound effects.   As I was watching the video, I heard some doves cooing... which really added to the overall creepiness.

    lol... When the video finished, I realized the doves were cooing outside my window! ;-D

    You keep me in stitches! Doves cooing should be easy--we live a block away from the aptly named Dove Lane. : )

    Wow, that's a lot of tapioca flour being used here. : )

    That disgusting gelatinous mess is made with tapioca flour?

    lol... Who knows these things?!?!  ;-D