Picture of Spooky, Scary, Haunted Halloween gourd
Make your own ghostly project with just a gourd and some paint. Simple yet scary! Muhuhahaha!

Step 1: Find an appropriate gourd for your project.

Picture of Find an appropriate gourd for your project.
To make this creepy craft, you need a gourd and some acrylic paint. Now, finding the perfect gourd can be very challenging. Often you won't find the gourd with the perfect shape size that you wanted. But to make things a little easier, try visting a gourd patch if there is one near your house. There, you can choose from a large variety. Another alternative is to go to the local market though you won't find a wide variety of selections. You can also grow your own gourd but it takes lots of time,patience and energy. So, I recommend visiting a patch or goin' to the local market.
Mr. Twist6 years ago
cool, nice job!
Papai (author)  Mr. Twist5 years ago
thanks :D